iPrima Media Society Launch: What Happened

iPrima Media Society Launch: What Happened

iPrima Society Launch Sees Fresh Faces Attending Its Event


A group photo of iPrima Society Speakers and Attendees

iPrima Media Miri launches its iPrima Society on 21st December to promote its digital marketing services to the general public. The services’ aim was designed to fit the needs of Mirians and fellow Sarawakians to help them realize their business goals.

iPrima Society was not just created and designed to help Sarawakians realize their business goals, but also help and train them in digital marketing.

Several speakers were invited to speak at the event, amongst whom were iPrima Media’s founders, Shaun Ling and Saba Hashim.

The Founders


Co-FOunder Shaun Ling giving an opening speech at iPrima Society’s launching event

Founder Shaun Ling founded iPrima Media with wanting to create a unique digital marketing in mind. Coming from a background of offline marketing sales, he found himself dissatisfied with how marketing was handled. Therefore, he has made a decision to create iPrima Media to cater to his digital marketing needs and tastes.


Saba Hashim, c-founder of iPrima Media, speaks at the launching event of iPrima Society


Saba Hashim, Chief Growth Officer of iPrima Media, came from a financial background after having worked for JP Morgan Singapore before. He has given insight of digital marketing and provides several invaluable takeaways for marketing yourself and/or your company online.


Both Shaun Ling and Saba Hashim have ultimately one goal for iPrima Media and its associate companies, and that is to help those who are passionate to know more about digital marketing.


Digital Marketing and What it is for Newcomers

Co-founder Saba Hashim touches on three basic, but important principles before anyone ventures into digital marketing: value, volume, and velocity.

Value is the ethics you have for your company.

Volume means how much clients you are dealing with.

Velocity refers to the amount of sales and profit you are bringing into your company. It isn’t necessarily exclusive for business owners, but for anyone who sees digital marketing as a platform that can be advantageous to them and their product and services.

Saba Hashim has advised attendees to not tackle all three principles at once, as not every company has Apple Inc or IBM level kind of financing and brand name. Choose a principle and focus on improving it first before moving on to the next principle. Big things come to those who tackle whatever is put before them, before moving on to larger-scale projects.

As newcomers, it is good knowledge to be familiar with the words “branding” and “marketing”. Both words may mean the same when they aren’t. Branding is geared towards your company values, and drives your company name forward. Marketing, on the other hand, focuses on a company’s sales and profits.

Coming back to marketing, we can see peer to peer marketing is beginning to show results and bring in profits as much as celebrity endorsements on products and services. Sometimes, peer to peer marketing shows better results in terms of profits and attracting attention than celebrity endorsements, if one dare puts it that way.

Newcomers can expect marketing to go online entirely, as digital marketing is nothing new. Plenty of companies have been doing this. As a matter of fact, it is completely possible and normal to see companies surviving online without a brick and mortar shop.

If one dare say, the earliest form of digital marketing can be dated back to as early as 1993, when the very first click-able advertisement banner went “live”. Check out the infographics below for a quick summary on the history and evolution of digital marketing:

Image via Simpli Learn


It is not to say business owners should migrate entirely to a digital platform. Digital marketing is a tool and service to help business owners increase and maximize their profits and client bases.




Current Digital Marketing Trends in Sarawak


Main panel of speakers at the iPrima Media Launching event.



As digital marketing is still relatively new in Sarawak, one can say it touches more on peer marketing and influencers. It is common to see someone sharing contents created by their influencer friends. Their influencer friends will create contents that they think are noteworthy of sharing or contents they think people will like on social media platforms.

By sharing their influencer friends’ contents you, you can say they are encouraging their friends to create more. This is more than a friend showing support for their friend’s works and efforts. It also means they agree with what their friends share. In some ways, they have indirectly turned their friends into influencers consciously or sub-consciously. You can definitely expect influencer marketing to increase in the years to come.

Business owners of all sizes should know one thing about influencers. As influencer marketing will increase in the years to come, they are useful assets to your companies, especially when you have a huge follower base. Influencers may not mind putting themselves out there to amplify the presence of your product and services, as they have higher stakes in providing such services for you.

The reason why they have high stakes in providing services to amplify your products and services is because they are doing almost the same thing as celebrities. They work as hard as celebrities, and what they get back in return may not be as much as what celebrities receive for their product endorsements.

But on top of all that, as business owners, keep in mind that people will take longer time to buy your products without influencer services. With influencer services and digital marketing helps sellers sell that expensive item faster.

So far the best and most popular platform to share contents is videos. Of all media platform that are readily available, videos seems to be widely shared and is popular amongst Sarawakians.


Kenneth Ho (far right), of BEAM co, speaking to the audience at the iPrima Society launch – with fellow panel of speakers.

According to BEAM CEO and founder, Kenneth Ho, most things, if not all, are digitalized now. Kenneth Ho uses Facebook as an example, as most Malaysians peruses the social media giant. Facebook was meant to be a socializing platform to keep in touch with friends and families who are not near you. That was true maybe at the social media giant’s first few years. Fast forward to current year, Facebook has a wide array of services to help people promote their products and services. It is no longer just a socializing platform. It’s a platform that also caters to online business and marketing.


The key message here is to peruse social media to your advantage. Create quality contents to attract your fans and followers to buy your products and services. There are plenty of quality contents posted on social media but unfortunately not every content created gets seen by the masses.

The Key Takeaway of iPrima Society Event

The reason why people attended this event is not only because they wanted to implement digital marketing for their companies. They attended because they may want to learn more about digital marketing and how it can move their company forward, increase profit, and such.

Speakers at the event advised that in a highly competitive business world where everything moves so rapidly, it is wise to be at least in close levels. Big companies absorb and analyze data to their own advantage. Smaller companies can do the same too via perusing social media platforms.

By the end of the day, remember if you do not have opportunities, then create opportunities for yourselves. After all, there are no limits to expansion.