5 Reasons Your Brick & Mortar Business Needs A Website

5 Reasons Your Brick & Mortar Business Needs A Website

Nowadays, all businesses regardless big or small, need to have an online presence. Moving forward to a more digitized era, it is indeed vital for every business to have an online platform!

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Even if you’re not interested in selling your products online, you can’t skip the process of launching a website. Consumers are internet savvy and lifestyles have dictated that a lot of information consumption happens….guess what? Online. Duh!

On top of that, more and more customers turn to the internet to search for products and services. Thus, having a strong online presence is the only way to stay relevant and competitive!

Where there is good, there is also bad. Although there are multiple reasons to avoid creating a website for your business, the internet and social medias are here to stay. Ignoring it will just make you miss out on some serious business. Here are 5 of the most vital reasons why your brick and mortar business needs a website NOW…


You’re Already Online – You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Have you ever just take the time to do a quick Google search of your company? NO?? Get on it! Information about your business is already on the internet whether you’ve actively created an online presence or not. Your store features in directory listings, in reviews, and on social media.

Relax, that doesn’t mean your business name and/or reputation has been hijacked. But! Many people will take the initiative to actually go online to add local businesses to maps or review sites or applications so that they can share their train of thoughts.

Ditto, it is vital that you have a good handle on your online reputation. (If your business has received any negative reviews, you might want to get checking!) Search for your business online and take note of which sites that includes you in their list.  

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Some of the more mainstream sites includes Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and Facebook. These platforms have processes set up that make it easy and simple for you to claim your business listing.

In order to get your online reputation back and ensure that you can quickly and easily address any unflattering reviews, you should claim your listing on these sites. Better late than never, got to deal with that before permanent damage is done!

On a happier note, the better you are at getting a hold of these sites and managing it, the better chance for potential customers to be able find you.


We’re Thinking Big – Bigger Market Reach

A couple of days ago, I thought of buying myself a new hairdryer. Guess where I look for it first.. The Internet! (11.11 sales!) I can assure you that there’s actually a large number of people who google search for information about a product or service they are interested in before going to a shop.

You know why? Because they want to see the availability online and are there any cheaper deals or option for them to choose from.

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If you’re trying to expand your reach and get the word out about your business, having a website is integral to every strategy. It helps with offline tactics, like appearing at the bottom of your business cards, flyers, and advertisements.


And it also exponentially boosts your ability to effectively market your business online — as a part of pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media promotions, email campaigns, and more.

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Hence, a business must ensure it is among the top search results in popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. With a physical presence, you sales, depends on footfalls, i.e., people within the vicinity of your business. But by going online, potential customer numbers explode to everyone who has a phone with an internet connection.




Credibility and Trustworthiness

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally trust businesses with websites more than those without websites. After all, what’s more appealing: A cafe with a well-designed website, socmed accounts, and hundreds of positive online reviews or a restaurant that has no website but an unclaimed Yelp listing with a handful of reviews?

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Before the internet, store owners “hung out their shingle” to let the world know they were open for business. Today, launching a website is the equivalent of this tradition. It ensures your store is not only visible to the world but also trustworthy and credible.

In fact, according to one study 84% of customers rate businesses as more credible when they have a website instead of only a social media page. That doesn’t mean social media isn’t helpful—you can link your social media pages to your website and help your customers get to know your store better.


Build customer relationships

One of the best ways to maintain strong relationships with your customers is to give them a place to converse with you. Not only does a website offer the ideal location for customers to provide you with helpful feedback, it also gives you a place to share your unique expertise.

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And don’t forget to link your social media pages to a blog on your website. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get the word out about your business, encourages your customers get to know you better, and ultimately builds brand loyalty.


Increase customer satisfaction

When customers have questions and feedback, a phone number isn’t enough anymore. Now customers want options. A website offers an easy, online method to communicate with your customers and help them find answers.

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Use your website to list operation hours, directions and maps, FAQs, product/service information, and contact details. By preempting any questions and concerns 24/7 — and responding to any messages promptly — you go a long way to assuring your customers of your company’s mindfulness. And this helps you build and maintain a loyal customer base.


Ready to Go Online? Go Digita-lah!

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If you’re interested in getting a website for your brick-and-mortar business and/or expanding your online presence, but you’re not sure where to start – feel free to give us a call! iPrima Society can help you out with a full-service marketing package, a website, or just some SEO services. We want your business to thrive. Click the button down below to connect with us!