Shopify Superstars Series: The journey of Shopify’s Top e-Commerce Stores

Shopify Superstars Series: The journey of Shopify’s Top e-Commerce Stores


What does entrepreneurship look like?


A la the limitless heads of the Hydra in mythical legends, entrepreneurship comes in just about any number of forms imaginable. And in today’s day and age, technology has lent a hand in making the entrepreneurship journey less weary. The possibilities are endless, really.


You could be a savant in the art of startups. Or you could be a connoisseur of online trading. And maybe you have a knack for e-commerce i.e. setting up a store and selling things online. Entrepreneurship is everywhere whether you realize it or not.


To that end, Shopify is a great avenue to start your e-commerce adventures. The platform is an incredibly big deal for the online sale biz. But being the top platforms means there’s going to be a challenge for you to stand out among a sea of awesome stores.


Fret not though, as we’ve compiled some successful Shopify store journeys for your reading pleasure. These stories will undoubtedly provide invaluable inspiration so that you can kick off your e-commerce plans today!


1. QuadLock


shopify quadlock
Image via QuadLock


This e-commerce store was established in 2012. The company sells mounts that allows you to securely and conveniently attach your smartphone to your bike, car or arm. This would essentially allow your hands to focus on what it needs to do. Plus, you’ll find it easier to use your maps while cycling or simply run with your phone without worries.


How It Began


Chris Peters, the founder of Quadlock had just moved to Sydney, Australia. Being new to the area, he wanted to use his phone’s navigation app to explore the city on his bicycle.


He found that the current generic phone mounts in the market were simply not up to par to his standards. Chris decided to then work on designing a mount that was secure, lightweight, and strong. The design was eventually funded on Kickstarter in early 2012 and soon after was launched on Shopify.


And the rest, as they say, is history.


2. Leesa


shopify leesa
Image via Leesa


Leesa is a luxury mattress company founded with the goal to help people sleep better. The idea behind the company was to reimagine the sleeping experience by providing a new type of mattress. More specifically, a three-layered mattress made out of foam that can be rolled up to fit in a box.


How It Began


David Wolfe, the co-founder of Leesa was a victim of sleepless nights himself. He tried everything. From all sorts of mattresses to gimmicks, he couldn’t find anything that worked for him.


He, later on, met a friend, Jamie Diamonstein, who was a mattress industry veteran and he ran through his ideas with him. Together, they realized that the mattress industry was fraught with overly complicated mattress setups, marketing gimmicks, and distribution/sales models that did not work.


Both founders wanted to provide a better experience for customers in terms of providing a more affordable mattress option. This gave the impetus for David to design a mattress for better sleep quality and thus, Lessa was founded.


Along the way, the team ran into the usual problems such as budget constraints but that all went away after they decided to set up shop on Shopify. And the company finally shipped its first mattress in December 2014.


Growth-wise, the company managed to get $800,000 in sales in its first full month and went on to generate nearly $30 million in 2015.


Not too shabby for an e-commerce store, eh?


3. BestSelf Co.


shopify bestself co
Image via BestSelf Co.


Feeling unproductive?


BestSelf Co. is a company that specializes in productivity items. One of their most popular products is called the Self Journal, a planner that puts you in control of your day-to-day life.


How it Began


Co-founders Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer met when both of them joined The Foundation, a group for people who wanted to start their own online business.


At this point, both Cathryn and Allen were running their own separate businesses. Cathryn was selling graphic prints, whereas Allen was doing digital marketing consultations. But they were also collaborating on a business together.


They realized that they were running too many projects at the same time and needed a way to help with their planning. It was then that they designed a planner for their own use. Eventually, they decided that it could be something that would be useful for others as well.


Cathryn and Allen started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to start BestSelf Co. and they also employed an email list to make sure their campaign would succeed.


They regularly produced writing content and encouraged people to partake in their email list using content upgrades. It worked tremendously and BestSelf Co. took off.


4. Unity In Glass


shopify unity in glass
Image via Unity In Glass


Unity in Glass is a boutique glassblowing studio on Shopify. The company specializes in providing beautiful unity glass sculptures for couples on their wedding day.


The team at Unity in Glass is led by Lee Ware, the founder and glass artist. The company has earned an outstanding record in impeccable customer service and quality for their work.


How It Began


Lee Ware began his glass-blowing hobby at the tender age of six. And after studying the craft at the Pratt Fine Arts Center, Lee relocated to West Texas to open his studio.


In August 2011, Lee created the first Unity in Glass sculpture. He was the first glass blower to translate glass frit or crystals into the new alternative for unity ceremonies.


Now, Lee has produced thousands upon thousands of unity glass works for the company with excellent reviews all around.


5. The MoMeMans


shopify the momemans
Image via The MoMeMans


Monica Escobar Allen is the creator of The MoMeMans, a platform that sells kids’ decor and gifts with unique characters of her own creation.


How It Began


Monica started her business almost by accident. She was often doodling little characters to amuse herself during advertising meetings at her last job. After Monica had been laid off and gave birth to her daughter, her doodles became the foundation for a new business idea.


She expanded on her characters, writing backstories and songs for each one. And she took a content approach while testing the designs on physical products. Monica then launched her store on Shopify. She uses Printful and Printify to print and dropship her MoMeMans merch which includes mugs, leggings, and kids’ decor.


Currently, Monica is busy juggling orders for customers and vendors, managing her website, product inventory, and a whole lot more.


6. Nutri-Patch


shopify nutri patch
Image via Nutri-Patch


Tough pill to swallow? Skip the swallowing when you have Nutri-Patch!


Nutri-Patch is a time release vitamin supplement that comes in the form of a skin patch. The patch uses advanced NanoTech to transfer molecular nutrients through the skin for absorption.


And the company has become a popular alternative to pill supplements, IV vitamins, powders, and liquids.


How It Began


Dr Nadine Hokayem, a Naturopathic Doctor of 15 years, worked with a lot of patients who had trouble swallowing vitamins and supplements.


She had the idea of developing Nutri-Patch based on existing technology already used in birth control, quit smoking aids, and other drugs. Essentially, she decided that a stick-on patch that delivers medication through the skin would be best suited for this situation.


In setting up her business, Dr Nadine had zero experience in manufacturing or e-commerce. She planned out her business by asking questions and working from there. And she also relied on Shopify customer support to help her learn the e-commerce side of her business.


Today, Nutri-Patch is the number one selling vitamin supplement patches in the market.


Final Word


And there you go. Some of Shopify’s top e-commerce stores to give the entrepreneur-within you the kickstart it needs.


Is it hard to succeed on Shopify? Most definitely.


Is it impossible to succeed on Shopify? Absolutely not.

Success comes in many different forms but the most important thing is that no one is actually “special”. Each of the people we’ve mentioned had a dream and decided to chase for it. Hard work pays off after all.


Now, hopefully, you’ll be inspired to make your Shopify dreams come true as well!