E-commerce All-Stars Series: 7 Website Success Stories With Sumo

E-commerce All-Stars Series: 7 Website Success Stories With Sumo

It is not exaggerated to say the rapid development of technology has accelerated the growth of e-commerce from something barely popular to something now everyone should know.

Indeed, even industry experts like Sumo has released free tools with the very goal to help their customers grow their website. It all started when they noticed the struggle to collect emails because the tools just aren’t available or are too expensive. So they thought, why not make them available for everyone?

From there on, things took a dramatic turn. The team spent a whooping four years building these tools internally to grow their AppSumo Newsletter, which then helped them grow to over a million subscribers.

Today, Sumo is used all over the internet by the most popular websites. The platform has become the easiest way to turn visitors into e-commerce customers and get proven sales. Read the following testimonials and find out how Sumo leverages their clients’ potential and achieve actionable results!

1. theCHIVE


theCHIVE Logo

theCHIVE Website
Image via sumo.com


theCHIVE is a photo-entertainment website owned and operated by Resignation Media. Images appearing on thechive.com are selected by staff from both international and domestic website searches as well as daily submissions. The website brings the visitors the funniest, the most outrageous, and the best photos and videos.

Most sites like theCHIVE get 40%+ or more mobile traffic. However, they don’t make it easy for their mobile visitors to share their amazing content. With Sumo’s Share tool, theCHIVE is able to significantly increase their social shares, which in turn produces loads more traffic to their site.

According to Eric Spielman, SVP of Product & Strategy, Sumo offers the website a variety of tools right out of the box that can be executed at a moments notice – analytics, audience development widgets, and viral components. For publishers with limited development bandwidth, Sumo immediately expands their capabilities.


2. Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins Logo

Tony Robbins Website
Image via sumo.com


Tony Robbins is the nation’s top life and business strategist who is famous for his thrilling, energetic, and focused live events. With Sumo, his team uses Welcome Mat to ensures everyone visiting his website has a similar experience by directing people to check out what Tony is currently working on.

As stated by Keenan Shaw, the website’s demand generation manager, Sumo is super fast and easy to implement. It gives them great flexibility with their demand generation initiatives and has helped them increase the website leads by 15%.


3. Pistol Lake


Pistol Lake Logo

Pistol Lake Website
Image via sumo.com


Pistol Lake was established in 2012 to make a small difference in the world. Their mantra is making quality clothes that are meant to last a lifetime. With Sumo, they’re able to turn the visitors on their website into customers that stay with them for just as long.

As Will Sulinski, the co-founder of Pistol Lake, says, they switch to Sumo because they want something stupid easy to set up. Sumo is the best choice not only for this reason, but their conversion rate is also skyrocketing from 0.75% to 9.5% upon using it. They love Sumo because it has significantly increase the bottom line of their business.




4. WebinarNinja


WebinarNinja Logo

WebinarNinja Website
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WebinarNinja helps entrepreneurs and businesses run live and evergreen webinars in 10 seconds. After setting up Sumo, they immediately started collecting 300% more emails and saw their email list double in the first 3 months they used it.

As believed by Omar Zenhom, the co-founder of WebinarNinja, Sumo is the best investment they’ve made for their website and business. It is a straight-up no-brainer and they find Sumo to be the classiest way to invite audience to sign up for webinars, free courses and guides.


5. Solemates


Solemates Logo

Solemates Website
Image via sumo.com


Solemates is no stranger to huge boosts of traffic to their website, especially after their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. With Sumo’s List Builder, they are able to capitalize on that traffic by turning those visitors into long-time customers.

As mentioned by Monica Ferguson, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Solemates, Sumo is fantastic. The email retrieval is effective and the experience their website visitors see is seamless. Furthermore, the experience setting up Sumo is phenomenal as Sumo’s customer service is responsive, insightful, and patient.


6. BulletProof


BulletProof Logo

BulletProof Website
Image via sumo.com


Bulletproof is on a mission to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from our customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.

As Bulletproof Coffee says, people who love their coffee “love upgrading their lives”. People who love their website love using Sumo for the same reason. Indeed, Gedaly Guberek, the content project manager of Bulletproof, witnesses their site-wide average opt-in rate to increase by 68% since they start using Sumo. Besides, Sumo’s easy setup of custom fields to track where opt-ins are coming from is a game changer!


7. Wink


Wink Logo

Wink Website
Image via sumo.com


With Wink, building a smart home is easier than ever before. This is because it provides users the convenience to remote control home appliances from a single app. In similar fashion, having a smart website that works for you is easier than ever before with Sumo.

To that end, Sachin Shukla, the e-commerce manager of Wink, believes that email is one of the best converting channels, so it’s a no-brainer to start capturing them on the website. Sumo makes that even easier with its intuitive tools and amazing support!